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The Tight European Conference


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The European Conference race right now is tight, just like it was last season. Helsinki and Cologne both have 62 points while Riga has 61. All three teams have exchanged wins among each other and the race just like last season looks like it will go all the way to the end of the season. If you looked into the advanced statistics, it is likely that the Express could find themselves in first at the end of the season, with the bye again. Cologne currently leads the league in goals against, and has the highest goals for among all the teams in the European Conference. Futhermore, Cologne has the 3rd best power play in the league, best among the European Conference teams. They also have the best penalty kill in the league.


While the Titans are averaging a few more shots on goal per game, Cologne gives up the fewest per game in the league. While anything can still happen, breaking down how teams have been playing overall throughout the season it looks like Cologne could squeak away just ahead of the other two. However the true story is going to be the playoffs. Helsinki, Riga and Cologne look to be exceptionally evenly matched this season. This could lead to one of the tightest playoff races in recent memory. 

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