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VHLM looks like it is a 3 horse race with Yukon, Bratislava, and Saskatoon all have very good shots at the cup. I like how there's three dominant teams this season, compared to some years where there is one and maybe two teams that are really dominant. Makes things more exciting, and teams like Brampton and Minot also have some talent. 


I found that trade between Calgary and Quebec to be very interesting.


Victor usually reads everything so I may as well say hello Victor. 


I'm proud of team Yukon this season we have a great crop and group of people who do their pts and fun locker room


Riga was doing very well in the sim until recently i think Jim's riggery funds must be running low


I have more points than Brennan McQueen but that is okay becuse Jaymay will recreate


Squinty pls come back beb


Munk > Higgylplufs


Kesler should just keep his name as Kesler


Ottawa Ice Dogs > Ottawa Lynx tbqh


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