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Papa John's and Stockholm Change Promotion


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Papa John's and Stockholm Change Promotion



STOCKHOLM - Although few may believe that Sweden is a mecca for the delicious delicacy known as pizza, it be so. It be absolutely so. Never slow to act on a potential partnership, Papa John's four scored a deal with the Stockholm Vikings in an effort to promote their trade through reduced-price pizzas with the Vikings scoring more than three goals and winning. However, it appears that Papa John's does not know their VHL hockey, for the Vikings were never in position to do a lot of winning this season. Finally, 43 games into the VHL regular season, the Vikings won their third game of the season 5-2 over the Toronto Legion, the first time that Stockholm fans were able to enjoy the 50% discount offer promoted by the pizza mogul. However, it appears now that the promotion is in line to receive a slight revision.


After much consternation and bellyaching, Papa John's and the Stockholm Vikings have changed their promotion to stack the odds more in the favor of the fans. As opposed to scoring three goals or more and winning, the Vikings must now score at least one goal and be within two points of winning to obtain the 50% discount. With the new amendment, perhaps now Sweden can get their half-off pizza fix courtesy of the Stockholm Vikings.


Jethro Novacek is a contributor for the MSFL Times, who are currently reveling in the Cowboys' victory. He enjoys the salty tears of buttmad fans, a nice Chianti and discounted pizza.

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