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Wingate examines the VHLM


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Edinburgh, Scotland -- Now that he has declared for the Season 43 VHL Draft, goaltender Hans Wingate has a lot of preparation ahead of him for both the Season 42 VHLM season and his long VHL career ahead. That does not mean, however, that he can completely look past the rest of Season 41. On the contrary, since he is coming into the league already with experience, Wingate may very well be the missing piece that can swing a playoff series.


But which team will Wingate join? That all depends on the VHLM waiver system. Realistically, Wingate probably will not get past fifth on the waiver list, which means that Ottawa, Minot, Oslo, Bratislava and Saskatoon can all be seen as possible destinations. Wingate does not have a choice which team to play for, and he would honestly play for any team who claimed him, but we decided to get his top five potential teams anyway with a comment for each.


5. Ottawa Lynx – “I mean Ottawa no harm, because I think it’s an excellent place, and I’d love to be drafted there for Season 42. But for the rest of this year, it’s just not up my alley. I feel like I’d be facing roughly 500 shots per game there, and even with the delicious Delicious coming along, two guys aren’t enough.”


4. Bratislava Watchmen – “Yes, I know that they’re the overwhelming favorites in the European Conference. Honestly, though, who wants to sit on the bench? Barnstormer is firmly entrenched as the starter there, and even though I could displace Douffet, that’s not my goal.”


3. Minot Gladiators – “Minot would give me a stronger chance to work my way into a starting job than Bratislava, and I’d relish the competition from the up-and-coming Blake Campbell. However, the position in the standings does worry me a bit, as I’m not sure I would be the correct piece to bump the team into the playoff picture.”


2. Oslo Storm – “I like the idea of making a difference for whichever team I go to. In Oslo, that would be easy. Given how far back they are in the standings, a good goalie may even mean a playoff berth! It also doesn’t hurt that Karsten Olsen, who I’ve trained with, won a championship in Oslo as well.”


1. Saskatoon Wild – “Is it cocky for me to say that I could be better than Gunnar Skovsgard come playoff time? Because I think I could be better than Skovsgard come playoff time. I’d understand if Coach Kendrick wanted to sit me down the stretch in the regular season, but given the talent on this roster, it would absolutely be my top spot if I were guaranteed playoff starts. I think I could win big here.”


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