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Claimed:Coca Cola Biography Final 10/10


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Full Name: Coca "Yum Yum" Cola
Position: Goalie
Age: 25
Glove Hand: Left
Jersey Number: 21
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 lbs
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA, USA
Crack open a can of your favorite drink and listen to the story of Coca Cola.
Coca was born in the very small town of Atlanta, Georgia and was raised by John Pemberton. Hockey was not a big thing around the south east, in an area where college football, hunting, and subtle racism prevailed. Despite this, Coca turned on the television to a hockey game to discover this brutal game on ice. The New York Americans were playing the Cologne Express. He didn't know what was going on, but it didn't take long for him to sign up for the local small time league. 
Fast forward to high school, where Cola is being handed a goalie mask. Their team was short-handed, as only six people from all of Georgia know how to play hockey. They would travel to distant lands such as South Carolina and Florida to play where hockey was a little more well known. Their team would lose every match, but Cola was the only reason they kept it close. In fact, despite leading their inaugural season to a 0-21 season, Cola was picked as the league's top goalie.
Headlines across the southern hockey market buzzed about the kid who won an award without winning a game. Can a goalie so bad be so good? Scouts certainly picked up on this, and offered Coca a chance to play in college on scholarship. Only teams in the south east though, and since there was no team in Georgia he flew all the way to South Carolina to play for them. Cola would amaze his coaches and fellow South Carolinians as his acrobatics in the crease would put up big stats for him. However, because he played for South Carolina, they continued to lose every game ending with a 0-37 record. 
Yet, once again, there he is winning the award for best goalie in the league.
Word of Coca Cola started to spread across the nation. In fact, there wasn't a person in the world who didn't know Coca Cola. Go up to any person, your friend, your boss, your local homeless man. They will all tell that they know Coca Cola, and that "they love it [sic]."
Fans across the world love the hockey player Coca Cola
After graduating in a degree in carbonation Coca decided to seek out the big leagues. The VHLM draft had already past, but Cola wanted to make a splash immediately. After learning that getting picked up by a team was really easy because the demand was low, Cola was picked up by the Ottawa Lynx off waivers. The Canadian lynx is a good climber and swimmer, so with the power of forced imagination it was perfect fit for Cola because he swims strong in the crease and is hoping to help climb the standings of the league. Look, it works, don't question it.
Times started off well. "Nice debut for Coca Cola, at least," said after his first game by a person called Streetlight. It was an overtime loss against the Watchmen, who watched Cola continue to lose more games. The team would continue to struggle hard, but Cola was still being highly praised. He even made the draft board for the first time halfway through the season. But around Halloween, players on his team started to question his work ethic, after letting in 6 of 17 shots in a charity game.
Cola was losing focus... like a lost soda bottle.
It was at this point Cola lost all hope. What was the point of playing if he couldn't win. He would continue to play the rest of the season, but the heart and soul he normally provided was poured out like a flat soda. Cola lost all of his draft stock and fell out of the draft.
Cola would hang up his skates. He fell into a dark place in his life for the next two life. Coca Cola would resort to drinking and hanging out at the local café's asking for refills. 
Around Christmas, he got a phone call. A new team wanted him. He had actually been picked up by a rebranded franchise. They told him even though it was the dispersal draft, Cola was the only pick they went after. After an emotional back and forth, he later told him that the draft happened about a month ago, and that Cola was late. 
"So where is the team?" Cola asked.
"The Motherland," responded a communist voice.
Style Control: Coca cola's greatest strength is his style control. He brings a unique approach of keeping the goal safe that can only be compared to as a combination of Butterfly and avoiding gun fire. His unorthodox style intimidates opponents into shooting bad shots because they simply don't know where it's going to go. It is one of the most frustrating things about Coca for other teams.
Reaction Time: One of the biggest reasons Cola was able to start off being so naturally gifted was he immediately knew how to respond to shots quickly. Cola can be found being tested by his peers when they throw things at him for him to catch at the last second. If Coca wasn't play hockey he would be the next best Wide Receiver in football.
Hand Speed: Cola's hands are very large and could fit around a can of soda very comfortably. Early in his career he would often hug the stick side post just because he could trust his glove to find the target every time. If Cola can see it coming, Cola can snag it with nanoseconds to spare. He trusts his hands so much that he wishes he could toss the stick away and just have two gloves.
Skating: Cola is a man of short movements. In his crease he is everywhere, but if he has to move more than the blue paint then he struggles. In fact it's common to see him trip up before every game when he runs onto the ice to warm up. Having never played any other position, Cola has never had time to just skate around and practice.
Rebound Control: The philosophy of Cola is that the puck must be stopped if a shot is taken, and if that shot is stopped his defenders must respond. He doesn't worry about where the puck goes as long as he can get in front of it. He would rather give a million rebounds than accidental let in a goal that cost him a game because he was too busy preparing the pillows for where it would land.
Agility: Despite his hand speed, Cola does not move quickly. His movement is more compared to a mixture of a classical ballet mixed with a person drowning in the water. It's slow, precise, and extremely urgent. He relies on his natural abilities and size to keep pucks away. Just like skating, he played goalie all of his life and never tried any other position to learn these techniques. 
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Overview: 5/5 - Not sure if you were aware, but with the new rubric you no longer need to write about pros and cons. I liked your backstory, as hockey players coming from the south is very unique as there are very few of them. I like the creativity you showed and how you linked to some stuff that happened in the VHL.


Grammar: 3/3 - Just a few mistakes.


little more well known = little better known.

What was the point of playing if he couldn't win = What was the point of playing if he couldn't win?

dark place in his life for the next two life. dark place in his life for the next two years

If Coca wasn't play hockey he would be the next best Wide Receiver in football. = If Coca wasn't playing hockey he would be the next best Wide Receiver in football.


Presentation: 1/1 - Looks good to me.


Over 1,000 words: 1/1 - 1,193 words


Overall: 10/10


Final: 10/10

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