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Boxing Day Madness


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He just got waived into the Minot Gladiators organization almost a month ago and has finally collected his first minor league paycheque - JUST in time for the holiday season. As most young kids would do when they get handed a decent sum of money, they went out shopping and what better way to do it then during the Boxing Day Sales! 



I still feel slightly new to the team. I know maybe 2 people on the team right now as the locker room is very dead and I haven't got much playing time. However, I still want to feel the part and embrace me appreciation towards the Minot organization for allowing me to become apart of their team.


Blake Campbell definitely went out and shopped til he dropped, buying himself all new gear to go along with his Minot colours and team logo. He picked up a sweet pair of pads with the matching blocker and glove for 40% off, so how could anybody resist those deal and then managed to grab one of the slickest helmets we've seen on a Gladiators goaltender.




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