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Harumpf Hitting Machine?


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This just in! Oskars Harumpf, you're favorite 5'5" 250 pound bowling ball of a hockey player has an innate ability to hit people. In fact he's currently ranked 1st on the Titans in hits among forwards! This is kind of amazing because he has literally zero practice hours into checking. Could it be that he was just born to check? Maybe his weight has something to do with it? It must be his weight because he's developing into a hitting machine. On pace for well over 100 hits in his rookie season. What will happen when he actually puts some pratice hours into checking? God help the rest of the league, lol. Oskars Harumpf could become a true force out there. He's going to stick to winning face offs, handling the puck and setting up goals for now, but he definely has some skills in the hitting department. Possibly a natural hitter given his low center of gravity and sturdy build. Just another thing to be excited about for fans of Oskars Harumpf and the Helsinki Titans.

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