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Been somewhat of a quiet trade deadline so far but I hope some big names get thrown around, as i'm sure there will be some big changes this off-season (Fingers Crossed). Just going to talk about the VHL playoff race and some of those minor trades.


Goaltenders moving around in the VHLM, Turku is getting their playoff run all set and it's really strange so far. They acquired two goaltenders for god knows what reason. Maybe Sinclair chokes, who knows but Klajums is out of the picture and Turku is trying to go all in with temporary solutions. Minot is still rolling with the Blind and Campbell duo, will be interesting to see who starts come play-off time.


Quebec got Tony Stark and Jakub Linholm for just a 2nd and those two have actually been producing well. I don't think it's as good as the player they traded to Riga but they got 2 2nds and 2 depth players out of it, so there's that. The main story is that Calgary lost some high producing players, will this effect their play-off run? Toronto also doesn't look like they will call up Okranitz at this point but are they just wasting a season of their players by not doing so?


Share those thoughts below.

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Grabbing a second for an inactive and a semi active is a decent move, especially with how deep the drafts have been due to great retention and a stellar job recruiting over the past couple seasons. Will it hurt their chances at making the playoffs this season? Possibly, but there's a better chance of Calgary drafting a future stud prospect in the second round than of knocking off the Americans in the NA this season.

As for Toronto not calling up Okranitz this season, I don't think it is a waste of a year for out positional players. In the end it will be more beneficiary to allow him another full season in the M to train, rack up TPE, and get ready for the big leagues next season. It's all about how many Cups you win, not how quickly you obtain the first one.

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It's possible but we'll see what happens when Jardy updates the sim, that might just give Toronto the small boost they need.


You're right Ball, I also think Calgary made the right move for the best deal they could salvage. They got some young players and definitely look to build for the future. I don't think this is Brookside's last last, he probably will play one more and we all know that he can steal games. Once you're in the playoffs, anything can happen.


If Toronto called Okranitz up, he would already have the 20 TPE from the tracker (Yep, I did the calculations). Yukon does have a better roster and have a legit shot at winning the Founders Cup.So far, I think Tor G might actually be better than Fedir atm. Time will tell if Edgar made the right choice to pick him at #5 because Toronto doesn't have their own first this season either and if they miss the playoffs, Helsinki will get a great prospect and maybe even a better goaltending prospect with that pick.Technically, it is somewhat of a lost season for Toronto but I don't think they're out of the picture just yet. Their core is relatively young, only Sundberg will enter his prime next season so they have time to build.

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