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Landry's Dilemma In Net


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Landry's Dilemma In Net



TURKU - If there was no indication that Hans Wingate had made it to the big time, this was certainly it. Nine minutes after being acquired on waivers by the Oslo Storm, the Turku Outlaws had traded a second round pick for the young netminder's services. After coming into the VHLM to great fanfare, he was now face to face with Turku head coach and HC Davos Dynamo great Thomas Landry discussing their plans for the season. Although both sides were pleased, little did they know that a giant monkey wrench was about to be thrown into the equation.


Of course, that giant monkey wrench was Turku acquiring another coveted goalie prospect in Callum Sinclair, giving the Outlaws two quality starters at the position. Naturally, this means that Landry suddenly has a dilemma on his hands.




"Both are definitely going to play," said Landry at a press conference held after the trade. "They're here to play and that's exactly the opportunity we shall provide them as long as they are here."


He refused to elaborate further on who would be starting for the Outlaws in their next game. Wingate has already made two starts for Turku, with a win and a loss to his name. Sinclair has reported to team facilities already and at the very least will be dressed and available in time for their game against his former team, the Brampton Blades.


Jethro Novacek is a contributor for the MSFL Times, which doesn't pick up penalty flags. He enjoys paying homage to the Macho Man, flinging nachos at the elderly and figuring out the best way to eat a taco.

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