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Rush have shot at Best Ever Regular Season Record


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The current VHLM team with the best regular season record is the Brampton Battalion (Battalion sounds way cooler than Blades, why did we ever change the name?_


Season 18 Winner
Brampton Battalion - 67-5-0 (134 Points)


This season, the Yukon Rush are performing very well:


Current Record: 


43-3-3 for 89 points


It will be very difficult for the Rush to break or even tie this top regular season record. In order for the Rush to break the record, they cannot lose another game this season, which will be a very difficult task as beating teams such as Bratislava and Saskatoon is a very difficult task. In order to tie the regular season record, the Rush can afford one overtime loss the rest of the season.


My prediction: Unfortunately, I don't think Yukon will be breaking any regular season record this season :(. I'd say we have a slight slight chance of tying it though. 


However, while breaking the record would be very cool, that is not the first thing on every Yukonians mind. Regardless of this season's outcome, I hope everyone on Yukon is having a fun season and is happy with their player development. Hopefully we can win ourselves a cup this season!


P.S. I'd like to thank everyone on Yukon for their hard work so far. You guys would not be doing so well if you did not put all your time and effort into point tasks and jawn every wek


Yukon 2 gud

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