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If you're expecting great things from A.C. Savage, in short, don't. Savage has been missing countless hours of potential training due to his severe boredom in the VHLM. His interest in playing professional hockey for the VHL has faltered. Once again we see this become an issue with player's from the Molholt Sports Agency, who have had athletes with strong potential fade off or taper out. Only Jarkko Olsen managed to have a fully fledged career, but he was only able to carve out a role player type career for himself after fizzling out as a draftee. Savage has wasted the head start he had coming into the league, and looks to burn out even quicker than his agency's predecessor. While he has been playing great on the ice, the fact that it has been in a pointless league wasting time has him lacking real interest. His lack of development has been subtle but will continue to increase. The most troubling news is that we've heard rumors that Savage may consider early retirement as a legitimate option. 

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