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Robert Gow III's Biography

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Robert Gow III




Name: Robert Gow III

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 177 lbs

Position: Right Wing

Handness: Left

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA




     Robert Gow III (RGIII) was born in Philadelphia on May 22nd, 1995 at 12:34 PM. RGIII was literally born in a hockey rink in Philadelphia, as his mother, Kaitlyn Gow, was attending Austin Gow’s practice when she went into labor. Legend has it that the moment RGIII was born inside the hockey rink, the first thing he did was shove a hockey puck into a net, which foreshadowed his goal-scoring future. Born to the Gow family dynasty, everyone knew from the moment RGIII was born he was going to become a special hockey player. Robert began his hockey career at the age of three, and by the time he was six years old he was playing in a travel league for nine-year olds. RGIII was such a dominant player that it is rumored the New York Americans sent multiple scouts to check out his abilities. However, being raised by a good Philadelphia man in Austin Gow, RGIII wanted nothing to do with a team from New York.




High School


     RGIII was actually recruited by multiple high schools due the talent he displayed every time he touched the ice. While lots of famous hockey schools from the northeast wanted Robert, he decided to stay in the Philadelphia area and attended 2 Gud High School. When Robert Gow III first joined his school’s hockey team, he possessed a smug attitude due to how easily he obtained success earlier in his career. RGIII knew he had the talent to play on varsity his freshman year, as he was already an elite goal scorer. However, Gow’s coach was not one to accept prima-donnas, and benched RGIII for the first half of his freshman year. This served as a huge wakeup call for the young sniper, as he realized he would have to combine his talent along with a good work ethic in order to realize his full potential. Robert’s coach still refused to play him on varsity for the rest of the season, but could see his effort as he was dominating against the scrubs down in junior varsity.


     RGIII had a much better sophomore season, as he played wing on the first line for the varsity squad. Adding to the excitement, RGIII’s cousin, Robin Gow, decided to transfer to 2 Gud High School in order to unite the Gow family.  With Robin centering the Gow line, the duo put up outstanding stats as they led 2 Gud High to their league’s championship. In the 40 game season, RGIII scored 45 goals, many of which were assisted by his cousin’s crisp passing. RGIII particularly performed well in his team’s championship game, as he netted a hat trick and scored the game winning goal with just 2 seconds remaining in the period.




Gow cousins celebrating their cup together


     RGIII’s junior year did not start off particularly well for the Gow family. In their first game, hard-hitting forward Brennan McQueen delivered a punishing blow on Robin Gow. RGIII was angered by the hit and stuck up for his cousin by destroying McQueen in a fight. While RGIII’s teammates appreciated his fight, the league did not and he was suspended for two weeks for breaking the no-fighting policy. Neither of the Gows would play for the first two weeks of 2 Gud’s season, with Robin recovering from his injury and Robert suspended. Without their two star players, the team started off in a big slump as they failed to score many goals in their five consecutive losses. The return of the Gow brothers did not help to invigorate the team either, as they kept as sub-.500 record for the next few weeks. However, a midseason visit from Philadelphia Flyers coach Craig Berube immensely helped the team, as defensemen learned how to pass the puck out of their zone, forwards learned how to play defense in their own zone, and everyone played with greater physical intensity. The team picked up the pace, but unfortunately could not overcome their early season deficit and barely missed the playoffs.


     After a disappointing junior year, the Gow cousins hit the weight room hard in avoid another disaster. RGIII has never been known as a physical player, but his senior year brought out a new side of him, as Gow racked up 100 hits on the season. His most famous hit of the season was on scrawny defenseman Don Draper, as it is rumored Gow sent Draper flying from blue line to blue line. Due to the Gows’ skill combined with their newfound physical play, other teams stood no chance against the dynamic duo. Along with his 100 hits, RGIII was also a force in front of the net, as he netted 65 goals on the season. His great play led to 2 Gud High winning their second championship in three seasons.


The Decision


     After high school, RGIII had to make the fateful decision thousands of athletes across the country must make; go college or go pro. While the decision may be difficult for most athletes, Gow knew right away he wanted to go pro due to his family’s history in the VHL. To make matters easier, RGIII’s uncle, Jim Gow, was the GM of the Ottawa Lynx, so he was guaranteed to at least be drafted. Because of this, RGIII decided to enter the Season 35 VHLM Dispersal Draft.




RGIII’s VHL Career


     Before RGIII could enter the VHLM Draft, he had a chance to showcase his talent as a waiver claim. The Minot Gladiators claimed RGIII midway through Season 34, but he did little to stand out as he netted just four points while playing on the fourth line. However, Gow’s talent from high school was still well-known to VHLM GMs, as he was selected by the Ottawa Lynx with the sixth overall pick of the Season 36 VHLM Draft, and by the Riga Reign with the fifth overall pick of the VHL Draft. RGIII decided to develop in the minors for another season, and statistically had a relatively average season with the Lynx. However, he had an overall great experience with the Lynx as he learned how to be a part of a successful team as the Lynx won the cup. In Season 37, RGIII moved up to the big leagues and made his rookie debut with the Riga Reign. Statistically, RGIII had a solid rookie season (unfortunately the team hadn’t quite developed enough to be cup contenders.) In Seasons 38 and 39, RGIII’s stats suffered, and the Reign were unable to achieve their goal of a cup due to the pesky HC Davos Dynamo. Finally, in Season 40 RGIII was able to turn his career around, as he averaged over a point per game. Possibly due to the frustrated Gow finally producing, the Reign won their first cup with the McGow core and celebrated in grand fashion. This season, RGIII is once again off to a good start, as he is second on the Reign in points. More importantly, Riga looks as though they will make the playoffs once again, and Gow hopes he can finish out his last few seasons with a few Riga victories.


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Overview: 5/5

It's fitting that RGIII was born in a rink, as that is also where he is going to die next time Riga faces off against Helsinki. Screw the 2 Gud highschool. That hit was a cheap shot!


Grammar: 3/3

Good jerb.


Presentation: 1/1

Looks good.


Over 1000 Words? 1/1


Overall: 10/10

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