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Claimed:Harumpf Press Conference [6/6]


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Titans Rookie Oskars Harumpf Holds a Press Conference



The Helsinki rookie sits down for some questions following theTitans clinching a playoff berth.



Here's Titans center and Alternate Captain Oskars Harumpf joining us now to answer some questions about the S41 season. He's played well for a rookie, putting up 27 points and 82 hits and he now takes the podium.


Media: Thanks for joining us Oskars, how does it feel to have clinched the playoff berth in 50 games?


Harumpf: It's a great feeling, the team's been working really hard and we've been in a tight battle with the Reign and the Express for a while now. We've managed to hold on to first and it's nice to be the first ones to clinch not only in our division but the entire league. We still have to hold on and win the division, but knowing we'll be in the playoffs lets us breath a little.


Media: You've gone from winning the cup last year in the VHLM to now having an opportunity to play in the VHL playoffs, how do you think they'll differ?


Harumpf: Well let's not get ahead of ourselves here, my focus remains on the regular season right now and winning the division, that's the most important thing right now. I do expect the VHL playoffs to be quite a challenge for me personally, I know it's a big step up from the VHLM, but I have a great group of teammates and I know they'll help me prepare any way they can. I feel I'll be ready, but I doubt I'll be up for any MVP awards this time around.



Harumpf talks about rookies Zoidberg and 3Moons.


Media: Speaking of awards, do you think you're in the running for rookie of the year?


Harumpf: (Laughs) I doubt it! I think my old teammates Sachimo Zoidberg and Jody 3Moons have the inside track on that one. They've been awesome this year. I think 3Moons has around 75 points and Zoidberg about 65. They are way ahead of my measly 27. They've been big time performers for their teams right out the gate where I've played more of a secondary role, but I'm happy with that because we're winning a lot of games. I'm not worried about personal awards, the team always comes first.


Media: How do you think you've fit in among your new team and how has it been serving as Alternate Captain?


Harumpf: It's been incredible being a part of the Helsinki Titans. I honestly could not have hoped for a better situation. My teammates are all great guys and we have a lot of fun in the locker room. I think I've fit in pretty well. They've given me a little bit of rookie hazing, especially King Czar who keeps putting shaving cream in my jock strap, but other than that I think everyone likes me (laughs). Being an Alternate Captain in my rookie season is really an honor, the fact that the guys voted me in made me feel like a part of the team instantly. I can't tell you what it means to serve as captain of this great franchise in my rookie season, it's truly humbling.


Media: What can we expect to see from your the rest of the season and in the playoffs, is an offensive outburst in the cards?


Harumpf: Maybe, (winks). I know I haven't put up anything like my 164 points last season and some fans may have expected gaudy numbers from me again, but our team plays a more conservative game. Our top scorer only has 50 points in 50 games, so we're not the kind of team that's going to wow you with offense. We all play our roles and I think I've done that pretty well. My defense and physical game is coming along and my face offs are pretty good also. I'd expect to continue at about the same production the rest of the season and hopefully get hot in the playoffs for us. That'd be fun.


Media: Do you think you have a good chance to win the cup?


Harumpf: I do. I think we've shown this season we can skate with anyone and if we play a smart game we can beat any team in the league. Some teams may seem more flashy and exciting than us, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, we're tough to play against and I don't think any team will enjoy a 7 game series against the Titans.


Media: Well thanks for joining us Harumpf, we won't keep you any longer, we know you have a plane to catch.


Harumpf: Thanks guys, my pleasure. Go Titans!



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Content 3/3 -  Nice press conference style about your player ad his goals for the season. I liked the read a lot.


Grammar 2/2 -


let's us breath - let's us breathe



"we're just focused on the season right now, that's the most important thing right now" - 1. Too many "right now"'s, lol. 2. right now is redundant in both cases. you don't need it.


"what can we expect to see from your the rest of the season" - Should be "you" I assume.


Appearance 1/1 - It was pretty :) I like the touch of the italics under the pictures. Class.


Final: 6/6

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