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Welcome to the VHLM?


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Welcome to the VHL?


The Victory Hockey League continues to progress through their forty-first season and things are going strong. At the professional and minor league level the teams are on their way toward solid starts or have experienced disappointing seasons thus far and will be looking to make improvements along the way.


However just as the league presses on, a new face emerges from the crowd looking to be claimed by a VHLM club. After a lackluster career in the SHL, defenseman Chuck Goody has made the switch. Starting anew might just be the best thing for the young defender. He is ready to get started on the ice with new teammates and a new coaching staff as soon as possible.


After just a few short minutes on the waiver wire, Goody was claimed by the Saskatoon Wild. General Manager Joey Kendrick knew right away to pick up Boston’s rough and tough defenseman in order to bolster his crew at the blue line. It will certainly be a slow start to Goody’s career, but it will be interesting to see how the young gun develops under the watch of Kendrick. Keep an eye out VHLM, Goody is coming to a blue line near you.



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