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Nothing doing in Toronto


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As we head towards the trade deadline tomorrow night the Toronto Legion are sitting 12 points back of a playoff spot and don’t own their first round pick in the upcoming S42 draft. It’s unlikely that the Legion make a move to improve their team before the deadline to make that last push but an interesting player to look at tomorrow is Legion’s pending free agent center Devin Sundberg. The 2nd year center is having a good sophomore season recording 32 goals and 33 assist through the first 53 games this season but has yet to sign an extension with the Legion for next season. It will be interesting to see if Edgar the Legion GM will try and trade him, seeing as he has shown very little interest in signing a long term deal in Toronto. Sundberg will be a hard trade though as many teams don’t have the cap space for him and probably won’t offer enough for Edgar to deal him away, unless Sundberg does a sign and trade which would be hard to pull off in 24 hours. All of that put together Sundberg will be on our watch list tomorrow, although it looks like the Legion will be quiet tomorrow. 

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