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Victim #15

Da Trifecta

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It seems that Nik has decided to take the lady he recently turned out for her chance to feed. He also showed her the speed she has, the hearing she has and wanted to show her how to hunt. Well properly at least without getting caught. He is hoping that she can catch on quickly because he does not like teaching that much. Of course he really doesn't like being around people much, not even his own family. This time it was different, he had taken an interest in this young lady and was going to teach her the proper way. The way that he had to learn centuries ago. He didn't have anyone to teach him what to do when he turned. He wanted to make sure that she didn't get caught because he didn't want his cover blown. This time he found a vampire who was causing too much trouble in New Orleans. This time he decided that he was going to wolf up and he chased down the vampire. He quickly tore him to shreds and then he transformed back and disposed of the body. He told her that she wouldn't be able to do that, but that she had to make sure to get rid of the body after each and every kill.

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