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Claimed:Boychuk Goes Streaking

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             No, I do not mean he removed his clothing and ran through the streets. Travis Boychuk has been scoring a ton lately for the Quebec City Meute. After the departure of Konstantin Azshishchenkov, Boychuk had a heavy load of responsibility passed over to him and it was a question whether he could handle it. Since then, he has proven all of his doubters wrong and has been on fire. The Meute have been playing pretty consistently down this last stretch of games. The centerman they acquired in the off-season has really made a turn-around in point production since he was named the main guy on the 2nd line.


            In the past 10 games, the Meute have had a record of 8-2-0. In those same 10 games, Travis Boychuk has 9 goals and 12 assists for 21 points. Definitely some very strong numbers for a guy who was just a point-per-game earlier in the season. Boychuk has been throwing the puck on net from every direction, putting a whopping 90 shots on goal in those 10 games. With this kind of effort from him, the Meute are even better than before and looking like a true contender this season. The fans in Quebec can only hope that Boychuk and the Meute can keep up this pace leading up to the playoffs and remain consistent through them.






             Another interesting thing to note is that Travis Boychuk has surged back into the Top 10 for points. Boychuk was a Top 10 player for his first 2 seasons in the VHL, before dropping off in his 3rd season on the Wranglers. For the first bit of this season with KJA on the team, Boychuk looked like he was going to continue the trend of a point-per-game pace. Once he had taken on more responsibility though, he switched gears and rose back into one of the top players in the league. Playing behind bigger stars has been a struggle for him in his attempt to get his game to elite levels, but he's proving that he has what it takes.


       One thing that Boychuk takes seriously as well is his face offs. This season he is looking great in the circle with 58.6% success rate. This is good for 8th in the league and is only getting higher as the season goes on. Any centerman in professional hockey needs to be solid in the face off dot so Travis has disciplined himself up to another tier of skill in that regard.






      Boychuk this season is one of the most clutch players on the ice. At this point, he is tied for the league lead in game winning goals with 9 of them. That argument can be made even more so by the fact that he has scored 7 penalty shot goals, which is the most of any player. Yet another example of Boychuk seizing his opportunities is that has he has scored on 7 of 9 shootout chances. With so many timely goals, one has to wonder how this play will carry over into the post-season.


     Moving forward, it's going to be interesting to watch and see how the newcomers in Jakob Linholm and Tony Stark perform on their new team. Both playing have been injured for these first 9 games with Quebec but they are set to return soon. Linholm is going to have many eyes on him as he is a top 10 player in the league himself.

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Content 3/3 - Solid article. Good luck with the rest of the season.


Grammar 2/2 -


Travis Boychuk has been scoring a ton lately - Should be "Travis Boychuk has scored a ton lately"


The Meute have been playing pretty consistently down this last stretch of games. - Should be "The Meute have played pretty consistently"


has been throwing - has thrown


Appearance 1/1 - It has everything that an article needs. I was a little confused at first with the random bolded/italicized words but I assume that you just want to draw people's attention to key words?


Final: 6/6

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