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Claimed:Laichly Rift's Pajodcast Episode 107 - How Do You Paragraph In Sentence?


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We break out of the prison lockdown and decide to finally stop procrastinating and record an episode. We did this on Saturday morning by the way. We do our not really mid season mid season awards and add a few custom awards in there for laughs and to give more players some highlight. Spoiler alert, Frank and Kesler are dominating the league. :P 


Only running an hour, trying to keep it concise on this shit. But we are back now. 

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Context: 3/3

Mid-season awards are always an interesting topic. The defenseman are definitely interesting this year, Wylde pretty much screwed himself to give me some points but thats not even working for us at this point :P I skipped the intro song. 


Also Devise math >


Professionalism: 2/2



Editing: 1/1

Jericho's volume probably needs to be halved 


Overall: 6/6

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Well Stropko isn't the leading candidate right now but he is up there.


Hard to pick someone with 73 points over the guy around 90 when they are both forwards and neither bring tremendous physical or defensive statistics.


And no I don't vote for duo's.  

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We all know regular season means jack shit. Top GM should be about the entire season, including playoffs.


Sweet I'll take my top GM award for S24 and 25 then. 

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Stropko is like 3rd in goals lmao.

Which is why he is "up there."



Goals - 21st

Assists - 2nd

Points - 5th



Goals - 3rd

Assists - 36th

Points - 14th


Which do you expect me to lean to? 3 Moons is outscoring Low, Bentley and XXX right now and is barely behind Slaughter.

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I think you could say that RGIII is (finally) playing to expectations.


Riga's offensive numbers are down, but our defensive numbers are much better. We're also pacing for more points in the regular season this season than we got last season (pacing for 99.78, 94 points last season).

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As for GM of the Year..once how we are supposed to vote is cleared up, we will know.


As of now, seems like no one has a clue.

no, you people make it difficult for some reason with some stupid interpretation.

"David Knight Trophy

Awarded to the general manager deemed to be the best in the VHL"

which part of that says restrict to regular season?

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