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Just Checking In - Blake Campbell Update



It's been officially a month since the young stud goalie who goes by the name Blake Campbell has entered the league. Since then, he has made quite the name for himself by earning and training each week consistently and to full capacity. On top of that, the young goalie has also made himself fairly week known to quite a few major and junior hockey league teams within the VHL community as it is his goal to become known and be known for only good, positive and successful reasons. As time slowly paces forward and the league is growing closer and closer to playoffs, Blake too continues on in this pattern. We know every time we write, he's all we talk about but we want to make sure you and the general managers don't make the mistake of over looking him. He had  a later start than a majority of the leagues top prospects, but he's quickly catching up and putting the pressure on. So without further delay, let's take another look and give you an update on where he's at now and what you can expect based off his past and current performance. 


Player Development - A+



We know what you're thinking. Isn't "A+" maybe a little too much for somebody who just came into the league? The answer to that question is no and here's why. This guy came into the league on a mission and told the league what he plans to do. He stated that he's here to do business, that he wants to see himself grow into a successful, consistent goalie as fast as possible and would work extremely hard in order to do that. He has't missed a single practice since he's got here, had made a small donation to the league in order to better himself in the long run (4 double weeks instead of 3) and has been extremely consistent when it comes to completing every single task that is laid out for him to do. There's only one true question and that is: How long can he keep it up? Surely his work has been amazing up until this point but can he really continue to work at this pace? We surely hope so!


Blake Campbell's development stats:


Total TPE: 93 (reminder that this is a hope +12 double)

How many tasks has he missed?  NONE. 

What is he working on? Agility (70), RBC (56), Size (52), Hand Speed (45), Style Control (45)


He's FINALLY got some starts and... ouch? 



For the longest time that he can remember, Blake Campbell was begging and pleading the Minot Gladiator's management to put him in and let him show the fans what he can bring to the table. Numerous times, admits Minot general manager Enigma, that he caught young Blake Campbell outside his window late at night with a boom box shouting the song "Centerfield" by John Fogerty. It seems like after the third time the Minot local police department took the young goalie home, his wish was finally granted. Blake currently sports a record of 5-6-4 with a fairly high goals against average of 5.22. Although his team sits outside the final playoff position 5 points back and his play hasn't been exactly amazing, he's still extremely grateful for the opportunity and only takes it as a lesson to improve himself.



You know, my stats aren't the strongest but right now, compared to a lot of the goalies in the leagues I'm also not the strongest. I've been working really hard to just be noticed, let alone get some starts and improve my stats. This is the juniors, you want to do good but I'm going to be honest with you for a second. It's all fun and dandy to do well in juniors, but my real focus is on becoming good enough so that I can make a quicker impact on the pro team that drafts me. I'm all about the pros.


Blake Campbell's S41 Stats

15 GP - 5 W - 6 L - 4 OTL - 5.22 GAA - .884 SV%


So, what can we expect from all of this?



It's obviously still a little premature to tell whether or not he's going to become an elite goalie. For all new players, there's always a gamble and risk involved when it comes to drafting them, however, he has proven to be a very strong pick and asset for any team that decides to pick him. We expect him to continue on like this for as long as he can push himself. General managers, don't be afraid to pick this guy as soon as possible in the draft because we promise you you will regret it. Especially if you need a goalie and choose to risk it in hopes he's there the next round. We predict him to become elite!


- 805 words,


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Content 3/3 - Really well done article. It's always nice to see statistical articles like this that balance the subjective experiences well.


Grammar 2/2


It's been officially a month - I would probably say "It's officially been a month" but this isn't exactly wrong.


majority of the leagues prospects - majority of the league's prospects.


has't - hasn't


has been amazing - has amazed


It's all fun and dandy - I believe the saying is "It's all fine and dandy" :P


whether or not - should just be "whether", because the word already introduces that there are alternate possibilities


continue on like this - continue like this


because we promise you you will regret it - because we promise you, you will regret it.


Appearance 1/1 - The gif's are an awesome addition :) The appearance was done really well.


Final: 6/6

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