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VHL Magazine Power Poll - Toronto to playoffs?


VHL Magazine Power Poll  

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With just under 20 games left in the season, there isn't much left to decide for the VHL playoffs. The European Conference is all set now with Riga, Cologne, and Helsinki advancing to the post season while Davos and Stockholm continue to work on developing their core players.
This Power Poll is based around the unanswered questions revolving around the North American conference. With the Americans securing their spot in the playoffs and Quebec essentially guaranteeing their spot in the playoffs as well, there is just one spot that is really up for grabs.
In third place right now are the Calgary Wranglers, but just nine points back are the Toronto Legion. Recently Calgary has been struggling to keep up with the wins, as they have lost four straight games at the time of this writing. They have a past 10 games of 3-7-0 which puts doubt into the mind of fans.
Toronto is coming off a win recently but their last 10 games are 4-5-1, which is nothing really special either. If the Wranglers don't figure out how to get back to the winning ways though it's quite possible that Toronto may overtake them for the last spot in the playoffs if they can give a little more push in these last few games.
So, going back to the question: Do you beleive Toronto will be able to sneak into the playoffs? 
As always, comment with your vote for a chance to get in the Mag! 
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109 285 Wranglers Meute L
111 289 Wranglers Vikings W
113 292 Wranglers Express L
115 299 Reign Wranglers L
118 305 HC Dynamo Wranglers W
119 310 Wranglers Titans L
120 311 Wranglers Reign L
122 317 Bears Wranglers W
124 324 Reign Wranglers L
126 329 Wranglers Legion L
128 334 Americans Wranglers L
130 337 Wranglers Americans L
132 341 Wranglers Express W
134 348 Meute Wranglers L
135 354 Reign Wranglers L
136 355 Wranglers Meute L


8 pts




109 282 Vikings Legion W
111 288 Bears Legion W
113 294 Legion Reign L
115 297 Express Legion L
117 301 Legion Express L
118 307 Vikings Legion W
121 315 Legion HC Dynamo W
122 319 Titans Legion L
124 325 Legion Express L
126 329 Wranglers Legion W
128 331 Legion Express W
130 336 Vikings Legion W
132 343 Reign Legion L
133 346 Legion HC Dynamo W
135 352 Bears Legion W
136 356 Legion HC Dynamo W


20 pts


The Legion should be able to make the playoffs 

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