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Minot Receives: 

S42 1st (Bratislava Watchmen) 




Bratislava Receives: 

D - Cap'n Crunch

RW - Paul Ready


I promised these two I'd make up for the mistakes made by the sim that cost us pretty much our whole season this season. I think Bratislava is going to be a much better place to be this season and probably next season too. They've got bright futures, I just want to see two new members succeed. 


Good luck guys :)

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Not sure if someone can change the title to this, but KitRas and I have agreed we'll still do this in the off-season. Not sure if we'll have to repost, but if someone could just change the topic title to [Off-Season] S42 MIN/BRA then lock it, that'd be ideal, thanks. Sorry for me being oblivious haha. 

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