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RW - E'Twaun Delicious




Name: E'Twaun Delicious

Age: 24

Hometown: Orange, France

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 206 lb.

Position: Right Wing


The newest product of the once proud Muffins Agency, E'Twaun Delicious joins the VHL with high expectations following a monster season playing in his native France. Delicious defected from his country early in the intercontinental league's 41st season with an agreement that he wouldn't be allowed to practice with the team until after the trade deadline. He did this in order to declare for the Season 43 draft rather than Season 42, giving himself a good amount of time to improve.


Delicious has already grown leaps and bounds in the past couple seasons. After struggling to ascend past the second line in four years with the French Division 2 Clermont Bears, Delicious was on no one's radar. Once Muffins Agency head scout Damien Walec made it out to France to scout new talent, however, he fell in love with Delicious's immense physical talents. The former trainer of VHL Hall-of-Famer Tukka Reikkinen was able to help improve Delicious's vision and shot power immensely, and after a terrific season in Clermont, the young Frenchman signed a deal with Ligue Magnus team Drakkars de Caen.


Ligue Magnus


Delicious, who was now 22 and in his sixth season as a pro, had finally made it to the top of the French hockey world, albeit on its worst team. He immediately came into Caen and looked to be one of the team's best offensive assets. Headlining the second line, Delicious managed a healthy 28 points on 18 goals and ten assists in 26 games. This put him third in scoring on the team, behind only Thierry Poudrier (35 points) and Jean-Cristophe Gauthier (33 points). Of course, in a 7-18-1 season, it's hard to find a lot of good, but Delicious showed that he was figuring out how to use his size and speed to get into better offensive position.


In his second season with Caen, Delicious was widely expected to assert himself as the premiere talent on the roster. Playing on a team that made no major upgrades to their roster, a lot fell on Delicious to deliver. He responded by finishing with 48 points (tied for fourth in the league) while posting 31 goals (most in the league) and 17 assists. But try as he might, Delicious just couldn't prevent the team from more mediocrity, as Caen finished 7-18-1 for the second consecutive season. Following E'Twaun's spectacular display, Damien Walec recognized the potential for the young winger and decided to bring him over to the VHL.




Walec worked his best to get his prospect over to the VHLM, where he would begin showcasing his talents for draft scouts. During the process, Delicious had an issue securing a work visa, causing him to miss the first 18 games of the VHLM season. Playing for the last place Ottawa Lynx, Delicious has notched 22 points in 28 games on ten goals and twelve assists. Now that he is able to practice with the team, however, expect those numbers to get a solid bump up.




Size: Standing at a solid six-foot-five and coming in a 206 pounds, Delicious looks to be a slob but actually has a good amount of solid mass underneath all the donuts. He has a strong base for a great physical game, although he hasn't shown much improvement in this area so far. If Walec is planning on developing Delicious the same way he did Tukka Reikkinen, expect Delicious to slowly build his physical game up before developing into a force later in his career.


Athleticism: Anyone that underestimates this guy's ability to get up ice is making a huge mistake. E'Twaun skates with impeccable balance and has a great stride, characteristics that come together to make him one of the most athletic skaters to come into the VHL in the last few years. The 24-year-old has showed a marked improvement in his screening and in using his athleticism to get open as well. As his vision has caught up with his athleticism, Delicious has produced more and more.


Shot: Accurate enough to bury it from the slot but powerful enough to rip shots from the blue line, Delicious truly looks like a young version of Tukka Reikkinen with his elite scoring ability. As a player that excels at getting into open space, Delicious is greatly aided by the range that his scoring talents provide. He can be expected to develop into a top level sniper.




Defense: Delicious tends to sell out for his team's offense, so he finds himself out of position defensively quite a bit. His mentality will have to shift if he wants to succeed in the VHL. More than that, Delicious is hurt by his own carelessness; he led the Ligue Magnus in tripping penalties last season. He has decent instincts on the poke check, but the aforementioned carelessness leads to too many unnecessary penalties.


Emotion: For a man that lost 38 of his 52 Ligue Magnus games, Delicious does not take losing very well. He tends to play at a lower intensity when his team is being blown out and regularly loses his temper on the bench. Delicious also got into it with a fan after a turnover that led to an opponent's score during his time in Caen. Clearly he needs to mature, which isn't promising to hear about a 24-year-old.


Effort: Briefly mentioned in the last con, E'twaun has an issue with his effort at times. Not known to be a consistent high-motor player, Delicious looks like a different player every time he comes back out onto the ice. He tends to play more consistently after scoring a goal in a game but otherwise what version of Delicious you will get on the ice is a complete roll-of-the-dice.

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Overview: 2/2

Nice profile. Lots of info on Delicious was included and you did a good job explaining his background.


Pros & Cons: 3/3

All six of these items were realistic, well explained, and made sense. They were also a good length overall, great work.


Grammar: 2/2


Presentation: 1/1 

Looks delicious!


Overall: 8/8

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