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The deadline has passed and I’m still a member of the Toronto Legion so why not rank the teams that I might go to in the off-season as a free agent for the first time.
1 – :tor: : Come on now I’ve never jump ship and the likely hood that I do it now 31 seasons into my VHL career is pretty low. Edgar has done a good job of building a really good group of prospects and has drafted really well, they’re the team of the future but it might take a couple more seasons to see that come true. 
2 – :sea: : Another easy choice for me, I spend 25+ seasons there and I will always have them as a top option. They have a very good, young goalie and two very good wingers just need that number 1 center/ veteran to put them closer to a playoff spot. Could be a long wait for a Cup which is something to think about. 
3 – Vast… :sto: : Even though they have yet again left Vasteras, I was drafted by this franchise and when I was I wanted to help get them back to winning. Stockholm has a lot of picks and talents but are missing a goalie which is a huge problem. 
4 – :rig: : This might change if they decide to rebuild in the off-season but I’d love to take a run at the cup with the Reign. A very deep team that could use another weapon up front but age might have finally caught up to them.
5 – :col: : The Express have had a soft spot for me since they enter the League. They have a very good group of players and a decent goalie. Will be a threat to win a cup for seasons to come and would be a great group to sign long term with. 
6 – :nya: : Like Riga they are in the group of older teams but are a threat to win a cup this season and next. If they decide to rebuild they would slide down the list, if not they would be an easy one and done team. 
7 – :que: : Will be a playoff team for the next couple seasons and could really use a good player to help them win a cup so… yeah they’re an option 
8 – :hel: : A team when I was drafted that looked like a team that couldn’t be stopped have kind of plateaued and don’t look that great going forward. Have an aging goalie and a bunch of semi good players with no prospects in the system.  
9 – :dav: : Love the GM, been a member of Davos a couple of times and wouldn’t have a problem with them. They just are in the start of their rebuild and I’m heading towards the prime of my career. Just isn’t a fit
10 – :cal: : Going to start a rebuild soon and that’s just not for me right now. 
But thanks for reading this crap :words:  will update in 2 weeks 
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