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Savage to GMs, "don't draft me"


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A.C. Savage has started making it clear to GMs around the league who have asked that he is not worth a draft pick. An inside source told us that he said quote, "don't draft me." Apparently Savage aims to save potential teams the trouble of dealing with him. Savage has lost interest in hockey during his time in the VHLM, becoming quite bored with the sport as a whole. Our intel says that Savage will likely hang around for a bit, but have a significantly early retirement. The young prospect has already fallen behind in his training, refusing to show up for practice and barely coming around for team meetings. Savage understands that some team will draft him, he obviously won't go undrafted - but he warns against a team having expectations without talking to him. "I'll tell them the truth, if they just ask. They won't like what they get." It seems as though Savage at least respects the integrity of the system enough to attempt to not screw over a team or sabotage their future, but he can only do so much. The warning has been set in place, and at least one potential general manager has already been spoken to personally. The rest will either see the signs or not, and it could showcase their abilities to project prospects. So far, the "draft rankings" haven't changed from Savage projected 2nd overall, but there are some serious red flags with this one. 

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