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Cologne Express GM Change

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Hey everyone,


After five seasons as GM of the Cologne Express (it didn't nearly feel that long to be honest), I would like to announce that I am stepping down as General Manager. I really enjoyed my time as GM of the Express but I have a very busy time coming up in my real-life since I'll be graduating from university later this year and I don't want to half-ass things around here, so I decided to take that step.


I always saw myself as more of a transition-GM anyway whose job it was to make sure that the team would be in good shape after losing Kendrick and to set us up fo a new era where we are ready to compete again. I think I have accomplished that now (we even managed to get Kendrick back), so with the team ready for the future and with a good mix of young and experienced players for the new GM to work with, I think that now is the right time to hand over the reins. So without further ado, I would like to announce that Devise22 will be taking over as the new GM of the Cologne Express! Devise had already helped me out as an inofficial Co-GM for a few seasons and I think that a member with his experience, dedication and expertise will be a great fit for this position.


Thank you to all the people who helped and supported me when I was a GM, especially Kendrick and Devise, and to all my players and the people I had gotten to work with over the years as well. You have made this a very enjoyable experience, so thank you for that :)!


Cheers, David


:col: :col: :col:

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I've been doing lines and negotiation with some GM's for trades and what have you since I joined Cologne. This move was made mostly because Romanes wants to be free of the burden and it just makes logical sense when I'm already doing some of the work a GM is required to do anyway. 


We'll see how it goes, I'll probably re-evaluate once Laich is done his 8 seasons. But thanks for your tenure as GM Romanes and for all the back n forth in terms of how we wanted to see the team go. Hopefully we can win a Championship with the team you built. The real question though? Whose next to step down as GM this season? :P 

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Best of luck to you in the future Romanes, really enjoyed my time in Cologne and you've done a great job in building up a roster which can continue to challenge for the championship for the forseeable future.


Good luck with the GM job as well to Devise! 

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Like when I destroyed him in the VHLM?


I'm excited that we are getting an even worse GM in the league.


Bushito and Edgar are gonna be pissed when they find out!

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