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Damn you, CGY


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Calgary Hates CoachReilly & HC Davos


Calgary has ruined a few things for CoachReilly. The Wranglers put up a historic comeback, eliminating the Quebec City Meute from the playoffs last year, ending goaltender Lennox Moher's career.  This season, Coach Jack Reilly anticipated the Wranglers would miss the playoffs, giving the Dynamo two lottery selections.  However, with only twelve games left, Calgary is in prime position to make the playoffs, with big wins recently over the Riga Reign and Cologne Express.


HC Davos still looks to have two picks in the top five and will likely be attempting to pick up some more talent to go along with Vladamir Komarov, Joshua Rubin, Kurtis Hunter, Gifford Shock, AIM-11, Mario De Rossi, Freedom McJustice, Jakub Ackerman, Griffin Simons, and Coca Cola.  As you can see, the Dynamo arguably have the deepest prospect pool of any team in the VHL.


Stay tuned to see who the Dynamo pick up in the S42 draft.  All eyes will be on the Draft Lottery which should take place in about a week.

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