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Checktalk: WDF?!


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This has been a strange week lately. Calgary, after trading their depth players to Quebec, are on a five game winning streak. The Wranglers are up by 12 points on the Toronto Legion and even have a game in hand. I'm not saying that there's no chance for the Legion but they got to start winning games since they only have 10 games left to play, that's 20 possible points. Calgary might just make the playoffs and the Legion are really kicking themselves for not having an actual goaltender. The Bears also beat the Legion recently, told you all so!


Also, the Vikings are destroying the Bears now. Don't know what happened but they've been winning some games and are making the push to pass Davos in the standings but will they make it?! I also am surprised that I have 51 points so far and 200+ hits, not bad for an actual rookie like me that started late.


Shout out to Olynick for playing some pretty good hockey for his team, really happy that he's steadily developing into a solid goaltender. Still, Brookside has been a complete roller coaster and I think we can pretty much call him 'elite' at this point. Great turn around careers for these guys. Still kind of waiting for Brennan McQueen to go on a 10 game tear because this has been a real strange season for them.Slaughter finally also 'broke' out with 100+ points, good job!

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