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Encarnacion to make Post-Rivalry Game PIM Leaderboards


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While the elimination of rivalry games may have effectively killed any chance that the enforcer Edwin Encarnacion had at becoming the VHL’s greatest PIMer, he’s not going to stop that from having him enter the PIM Record Books, as he is simply going to make his own. Encarnacion, who has been shit at the actual hockey aspect of hockey this year, has made his intentions clear over social media that at the conclusion of Season 41, he will be making his own leaderboards to track the PIMing performance of each VHL player in a post-Rivalry Game universe. In addition to tracking all-time PIMs from Season 41 onwards, Encarnacion detailed that he planned to take the tracking of penalty minutes into “a depth that has never been seen before”, as it will keep track of the best PIMing seasons post Season 41 whilst also tracking PIMs per game and PIMs per minute.


In PIM related news, Encarnacion looks set to post up an impressive bar for players to try to usurp as he currently holds 199 PIMs after 62 games, more PIMs than all but four players recorded in Season 40, and has seen him climb to 4th place in all-time PIMs. 

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B.O.G. meeting to discuss removal of PIM's as a stat.


Encarnacion goes on a rampage.

Oh god, If that were to happen, Encarnacion would just bring a flamethrower onto the ice every game, and just murder his opponents. 


And somehow still put up a winless season. 

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