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Harumpf Sharts on Ice


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Oskars Harumpf, the super rookie for the Helsinki Titans had and interesting thing happen during a recent game vs the Bears. He had eaten a burrito before the game and was having some intenstinal discomfort during warm ups. He had to go back into the locker room and blow mud a couple times before the start of the game. He thought he was good to go and got it all out of his system but then mid-way through the first while back-checking he squeezed out a questionable fart and ended up shitting his pants a little. Yes, he sharted. However, the play turned around quickly before he could get off the ice and he found the puck on his stick, he then proceeded to set up James Faraday for a goal. After the play he went to change his pants and took 2 immodium. He had no more incidents the rest of the game and finished with 2 assists, the Titans won 4-2. Not even soiled underwear can stop Oskars Harumpf from producing on the ice. Just be sure to not check him from behind.

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