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Duddy talks


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Why did you take your talents to the VHL?


“Well, I wanted to try something new so it was the obvious choice to try my luck here. No idea how it will work out, but I’ll do my best to get myself in the best Hockey shape I can be. I can’t wait to start my VHL journey.”



How surprised where you that the Bern Royals claimed you off waivers?


“Not really, I mean I looked at the standings and saw where they were and that they’ll get first dibs on me no matter what. I was quite surprised that it’s like that here. I was thinking that I might get to pick where I go, but that’s a pretty cool way too. I honestly like it.”



What can Bern Royals fans expect from you?


“They can expect to have someone that will give it all out on the ice. I just hope that I’ll help the team win more games and be more competitive. And one of the positives of playing for Bern is that it’s not too far away from home. So some trips back home are in order. But for now I’m ready to kick some serious ass.”

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