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Stepping Down


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While it was announced just a few moments ago that I was the first to call dibs for the opening on the Blue Team left by the departure of the beloved Victator, therefore making me the new head commissioner of the VHL by law of the dibs, I come here to announce that I will be stepping down from my new position and become part of the common rabble once again.

We had are ups, like when I told Devilsfire he did a good job in Moscow, and we had our downs, like when I announced that I would be stepping down, but all in all I want you to take one thing away from my resignation. The VHL will go on. Dont think of this as rock bottom for the league, dont think of this as the shortest reign by a VHL commissioner in the history of the league. When you think of my tenure as your all mighty leader, remember the good times we had together and cherish them. Remember me not for the mistakes I made, but for the good I did for you and for the league as a whole.

I will never forget you guys and your loyalty to me during my tenure will pay off in dividends one day. I want you all to keep your heads up as I fade into the background once more. Do not shed a tear as I walk away, instead rejoice my friends. This is no te end, but the start of a new beginning for the VHL. Like Motel 6 I will keep the light on for you all so don't forget to write.

It has been an honor guys and gals. I have no regrets.

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