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Claimed:Grüezi in Bern [Final: 6/6]


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Hi, my name is Thomas Duddy, I’m the newest member of the Bern Royals. I will use this opportunity to show you around my new home and introduce you to the coolest places around town.







We’ll start off our trip in the famous “Kramgasse” or Grocers Alley for you English speaking folks. Back in the 19th century, it was the center of urban life of all Bern. Today it is a famous shopping street. I mean, the name says it all. House number 49 should ring a bell for all our whacky science guys. It was the house were Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Einstein worked and lived.This was right around the time when Einstein wrote his “Annus mirabilis papers“.








And while we’re in the old city of Bern, we will take a walk over to the “Zytglogge”. It’s a tower that was build sometime in the 13th century, it served as a guard tower, prison, clock tower and is a civic memorial. It’s one of Berns most recognizable symbols, it also features a astronomical clock which was added in the 15th century. 






Berner Münster


Next on our list is the “Berner Münster”, it’s the biggest and most important late medieval Church in all of Switzerland. The building of the church started in 1421, but it wasn’t finished until the 19th Century. With 100.6 meters, the Berner Münster also features the highest Church Tower in Switzerland.Above the main Entrance there is one of the most complete late Gothic sculpture collections in Europe. It represents the “Last Judgment” where the wicked will be separated from righteous. Inside the Cathedral, there are beautiful tainted windows, showing different scenes of the bible.







Now it’s time for something more interesting for the younger folks, we’re taking a stroll down the “Schwellenmäteli”. You may ask yourself “What the hell is this guy talking about?” Well, just be a little patient and I’ll tell you. The freshly 2004 renovated “Riviera of Bern”, is an area on the shore of the river “Aare”. There are some Restaurants as well as a great view on the river as well as the area around it. It is the go to place, for the young and hip people of Bern. From now on it will be the place for the Bern Royals to celebrate their many victories.







Since we’re already on the outside, it’s time to put on our hicking boots or maybe not, but we’re heading up Berns very own mountain, the “Gurten”. 858 meters above sealevel, the Gurten is another green oasis for the lovely folks of Bern. 1999 the “Park in the Green” was opened on the “Günsch” (as the locals call their mountain), but the theme of the whole mountain stayed the same, “Fun for everyone”. Paired with an amazing view over the city it also features a lot of events of all kinds.  And it also marks the end of our tour, thanks for joining me on a trip through Basel. I hope you liked it and aren’t too hard on my grammar, since as you may know that English isn’t my first language.


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Content: 3/3

Great first article! Refreshing, as it's very different but very interesting! I really loved it.  

Also, you hit the word count.  


I'm not going to be too hard on your grammar, as English isn't your first language; however, since it's my job, I will mark all the errors I find.  


I really like that you kept your sentences shorter, because even when there were errors, they were very simple to read in context.


I did notice two recurring errors, which I am sure come from language differences:

#1, there seems to be a difference in where the sentences break, because a lot of the time you continue a sentence without and or a period.


#2, which might be easier to catch, is that you don't need to capitalize anything that isn't a proper noun.  Proper noun being it has it's own name. For example, I am going to the Berner Münster (proper noun), or "I am going to the big church".  There are a ton of churches.  

Another example is like this:  I'm going to the Grand Canyon, the one of the most popular canyons in the world.  
It's really not a big deal, I just thought I'd point it out


  • my name is Thomas Duddy. I’m the newest - sentence isn't grammatically correct as is. either "and I'm the", or just change the , to a.  
  •  house where Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Einstein, - missing a letter, and missing a comma
  • the 13th century. It served - same error as the first one.  Either needs "and it served" or a new sentence. 
  • recognizable symbols. It also features - ditto
  • features an astronomical - one of the English quirks - if the article A comes right before a vowel, it becomes AN
  • Münster”. It’s the biggest - can either be a new sentence or say "which is the biggest"
  • At 100.6 meters, the - strange translation.  It should be "standing at 100.6 meters", or something similar
  • e highest church tower in Switzerland.[ ]Above - no need to capitalize church or tower in this context.  Also, missing a space after the period
  •  entrance, cathedral,   - no need for a capitals
  •  beautiful tainted [stained glass, tinted] windows - strange translation, in English we don't call it tainted glass.  Tinted maybe, but I assume they're stained glass, which is a major feature of most cathedrals. 
  •  restaurants - no capital again
  • go-to place[,] for - no need for a comma, go-to often has a hypen
  •  our hiking boots - spelling error. Hicking boots is a hilarious typo though, since a "hick" tends to be a back-water bumpkin... so the idea that you can put on boots that allow you to become a hick is just funny
  • sea[ ]level - sea level is not a compound word
  • In 1999 the “Park in the Green” was opened - missing a word to complete the sentence
  • over the city, it also features - missing a comma


Appearance: 1/1


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