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Claimed:Behind the mask [Final: 6/6]


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Blake Campbell is about to get the surprise of his life. Is it what you think?


I think it's safe to say that everyone has an understanding of just how difficult the job is for a goaltender in any league. Each and every night, the team expects their teams to score but without a solid goalie, you're team is very unlikely to be making a competitive push. Teams can struggle to score goals and still find a way out on top because of great goaltending, but it's more harder to win games if you can score but your goalies five hole is bigger than the Grand Canyon. During this episode of Behind the mask, we take a look at one of the newest top goalies to hit the VHLm and truly get the know the real him. I mean, behind that mask there is a person that is in complete control - even with a frozen piece of plastic coming at his face going 80 miles per hour. We'e going to find out what his favorite things are to do, who he is as a person and really unmask one of the hottest young goalies. Without further delay, let's begin.


Behind the Mask = BTM




Talk show host has a sit down with Minot goalie Blake Campbell


BTM says - Welcome to the show Blake, we're delighted to have you here. Are you ready for some serious unmasking?


BK says - Thank you for having me. I will try my best to give you the best, most truthful answers possible.


BTM says - Okay, perfect! Let's begin. First off, I guess it's the best thing to ask, what made you become a goalie?


BK says - Well, my brother Jack is currently a netminder for the Texas Stars and was drafted by the Dallas Stars not too long ago. As kids, we always used to compete in the basement with mini sticks and that really got a rivalry going between us. As we got older, we got more involved in sports and he became a goalie, I became a defenseman. After a while, I got tired of the position and wanted more of a challenge. I switched to goalie, really flourished in the position and began to love it. It's been great since.


BTM says - Sounds like you and your brother had quite the relationship growing up and that the inner competition between you guys led you into making a very positive choice for yourself as it led you to the VHL. When you came to the league, you weren't picked up right away, but the Minot Gladiators eventually picked you up. How does that make you feel?


BK says - You know, I don't really understand the situation to be honest. I don't think many teams needed goalies and then when Minot seen me sitting there for so long they kind of went after me because of that reason. That may have been the reason then, and we got a great starter now, but I like to think I've come a long way since then.


BTM says - Yes, you have come quite far in a short period of time. You're already catching up to some of the VHLm's top goalies and you joined weeks later than most of them. What feeling does this give you?


BK says - It feels good. I came into the league and told the general managers my plan. I said I know I'm late and others have a head start, but It wouldn't be a wrong decision to choose me. Especially those who are in the professional leagues as GM's rather than the juniors. I might be far behind, but I'm a guarantee. I've worked very hard and am making other players maybe take notice. I'm here to do damage and have yet to miss anything important regarding my own development. Yes, it is hard sometimes to maintain consistency, but so far so good.


BTM says - Right on. You're on fire and the GM's must think you're a hot target. Speaking of which, any lady friends in Minot right now?


BK says - I'm not going to deny that I have dipped the D in a couple puddles but for now, I'm focusing on the big leagues. I'm nothing right now. Juniors honestly mean nothing to me. It's my own gateway drug to the big leagues and let me tell you, I'm addicted, haha. There's also no point getting serious as I'm just going to relocate anyways.


BTM say, True and fair enough. Last question as we've run out of time. Backstage we have a woman who came to us. This isn't your average show Blake. In fact, it's not overly a "Behind the Mask" episode either. We kind of tricked you as this is something totally different. Like we said, we have a woman backstage and she claims to have met you in a bar, you beat her with a phone book until she passed out you took her home, ordered pizza, watched the Mighty Ducks movies with her, fell asleep on your recliner and you both had "sleep sex" together. She woke up after you and felt something strange. She pulled a balloon out of her vagina filled with your DNA. We did the tests and guess what? YOU ARE THE FATHER of little Jamal Mathers. What are your feelings on this?


BK doesn't respond. He's rushed to the hospital and medical professional believed he had a minor heart attack. He is recovering fine, will be able to play ASAP and even got a visit from his boy Jamal. 





929 words, 3 pics - January 12th -18th, 2015 - Thanks :)

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Pictures weren't showing up for me but I fixed them for you (although I'm not really sure what I did to fix them tbh) 


Nice article, I see you found something to write about :P

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Pictures weren't showing up for me but I fixed them for you (although I'm not really sure what I did to fix them tbh) 


Nice article, I see you found something to write about :P

Thanks man! hahaha, I'm sorry you had to read this. I honestly had nothing so I went with wherever the wind was directing me. Keeping it interesting to say the least! ;)

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Content: 3/3

Well over the word count.   Blake really has an informal interview style, but I can't help that phrases like "Dipped the D" can't help his PR for the big leagues - but after the last revelation, I feel like that's small potatoes. 

I'm glad he's able to play, but the legal ramifications might come back to haunt him.  Finally, wouldn't Blake Campbell's abbreviation be BC?


Grammar: 2/2  Lots in the beginning that could have been caught, but it cleans up quickly until the end.  Careful next time, lazy errors will cost you.

  •  a solid goalie, your team homophone, wrong your. 
  • but it's much harder to win games - word choice, more harder doesn't makes sense
  •  your goalie's five hole - missed apostrophe. the five hole is belonging to the goalie, not a plural of goalie. 
  • this episode of Behind the Mask - missing capital. Behind the Mask is a title in this instance.
  •    ** Minot seen me sitting there ** - not an issue, the word is "saw" BUT it's dialogue, so Blake can talk how he wants
  • BTM says -  True and fair enough - keep it consistent. This is the last one of the set and it's really obvious there's a difference here.
  • until she passed out, you took her home - missed a comma in the list, made it difficult to read
  •  and medical professionals believed he - doesn't make sense. Needs to be either "a medical professional believed" or "medical professionals believed"

Appearance: 1/1

Looks great

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