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E'Twaun Delicious eats Lynx players into a coma


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Never one to back down from a challenge, Ottawa Lynx forward E'Twaun Delicious has been in hot water lately for incapacitating a teammate. Unknown Player apparently challenged Delicious to an eat-off, a pastime in France that Delicious loves to partake in. Fast forward two hours, and the eat-off commenced. Delicious and Player were able to goad Unknown Player, Jim Moriarty and Unknown Player to compete as well, a move they soon came to regret. All things told, E'twaun Delicious ate 16 footlong sandwiches (on baguettes) despite his last standing competitor, Unknown Player, tapping out halfway through his fourth. Player then went into a coma from overeating, taking him out of the lineup for at least the next few days.

"What can I say? They couldn't handle my warm-up round. If you can't stand the heat, give me your sandwiches," Delicious said on the matter.

This is Bucket Sanderson reporting live from Ottawa for VHL.com.

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