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TMZ has recently reported that Minot Gladiators goalie has officially been on the receiving end of... well.. God taking a dump on him, We hate to be harsh but it's true. In the latest episode of Maury, host Maury Povich tricks Blake Campbell into thinking he's on an episode of "Behind the Mask". Although Maury goes along with the act for the majority of the show, he finally pops the big news and you would not believe it! Reports are saying that Campbell had immediately dropped to the floor, shit his pants and his facial skin colour turned ghost white. Paramedics who are trained for this situation quickly rushed into the talk room, threw him up on a stretcher and had taken him to the hospital. Although he is doing okay now, you DO NOT want to miss this story.


If you missed the episode, check it out here and until next time, keep dishing us that dirt.




158 words. I apologize for this.  :lol:

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