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Leo Tesla Retires


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I officially retire Leo Tesla from the VHL.


I also want to say that I will not be recreating. I haven't been on the VHL all that long, but I have enjoyed my time here a lot. Thanks to everyone here who I got to play with and who I got to meet, it was great getting to know you guys. I wish the VHL all the best and hopefully in the future you guys are still around and if I have the time I might be back to make another player. 


If ever there is anything, you guys can PM me and I'll most likely get an update through my email. 


Thanks again,


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Hey Roberto, you will still go into the history books as the first sim league manager to have drafted me. Sad to see you go even though you were only semi active here. Take care in life man and hope you will one day return.

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Always sad to see a good member go. Had a blast with you in Quebec and I completely understand your point of view. Appreciate you approaching me (and Romanes/the Team) with this news before making it official. Good luck with the rest of life sir, hopefully one of these days you get the time/motivation because the VHL would love to have you back. 

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