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Claimed:The Pajodcast Player Agency: Part 6 [Final: 6/6]


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The Pajodcast Player Agency: Part 6

Lethal Weapon 7


The goal light blinked red as Daniel Braxton lowered his hand into his face into his hands in frustration.


The VHL Hall of Famer sat in the Watchmen's pressbox alone, having just watched his protege allow a second goal in the last minute of the game against the Yukon Rush, blowing his shutout and allowing the score to creep from a solid 3-0 lead to a tense 3-2 game. With only 28 seconds on the clock Braxton sat watching with a drink in his hand and the weight of all of his problems on his mind.


Braxton watched as the clock winded down and the Watchmen were able to squeak out of the game with a win. He nursed his drink until the seats had emptied and then made his way toward the Watchmen's dressing room.




When Barnstormer finally exited he made his way past the pillar Braxton was leaning on, and paused waiting for a snarky retort from his mentor.


Braxton started walking, forcing Jax to catch up to him. After a few seconds he said "Your problem is your focus. You were playing with confidence and experience for the first 59 minutes, and then you decided the game was over and lost your focus. The moment the other team was at their most dangerous, and you had your guard down."


Jax sighed, "I know, I couldn't focus I just-"


Suddenly Braxton's phone went off, with a text from a private number. He puts one finger up to silence Barnstormer and then ran off, leaving his protege in a very confused state.




Braxton walked through the door into a dark conference room, rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He'd been up all night on the flight back the the Pajodcast's hidden offices. He stood in the room for a moment until one light turned on, illuminating one chair in the otherwise dark room. This wasn't Braxton's first meeting with the agents, and he knew that he was expected to sit in the chair and speak to a dark room. The purpose was to allow the three agents to act as one entity through their players. The only time any of the players had ever seen the face of their agents was during their recruitment, and the recruitment of their successors. Daniel Braxton was the first of Kyle Snow's players, and he'd only seen Snow's face three times.




"Hey guys, what was so important that you needed to pull me out of Bratislava? Jax still isn't safe."


A voice reached out from the darkness. "Wesley has left Cologne and has taken your place for the time being. As you know, we've always felt the need to maintain a position of power within the league, in both on and off the ice business. All three of us maintain positions in the Board of Governors, acting as leaders for our peers. On the ice we've maintained a position of power in New York since the year before you retired, when Power took control from Sam Helberg. After he stepped down, Chris Miller took control of the team and has maintained our operations west of the Atlantic. In the time since his departure from New York, Power has managed to seat himself in a position of power in the Cologne offices, recently taking the reigns of the organization himself."


"Yeah, I know. We've already got franchises in both conferences between Power and Miller. What does that have to do with me?" Braxton asked.


"As you know, you are Kyle Snow's first player, and are therefore the most important one in his organization. We haven't told Barnstormer yet, but there are rumblings in the wind. He may not follow the same path as you and Wesley did, and when the time comes you'll need to guide him. Kyle Snow may be taking on a new challenge in the coming weeks, and you're going to need to help his branch of the agency through the early stages. Barnstormer is too young to understand what's at stake, but with the recent power change on the Blue Team the status quo has shifted. The three of us are going to need to change our dynamic, and you're going to have to be there every step of the way."


Continued in Part 7...

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Content: 3/3

I really appreciate that you've brought it right back toward VHL content like we mentioned. 


Grammar: 2/2

  •  lowered his hand into his face into his hands - I don't even... what is going on here. 
  • he said, "Your pro - missing comma

Appearance: 1/1

Looks good

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