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My lack of activity

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Probably most have noticed I have been on rarely over the last few weeks. I got laid off because of the downsizing of the Canadian oilfield and as such have been traveling around to multiple places looking for work. Since my monthly cost of living is not feasible in this market I will be shutting down everything including internet until I find work again. I will have my phone and can stop by friends with internet here and there. I basically have until the end of the month to get work or it's up the creek for this guy. Anyway, heres to hoping one of these company's calls me back soon.

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And bam 2 offers come in today. Took the one with less money attached but better long term prospect. I guess travelling around for jobs interviewing all over paid off. As for the questions, I was working for saipem construction canada as one of the leads in the insulating department building a new plant for husky Canada. Ei is not an option for me because it wouldn't cover 1/3 of my monthly bills. As for the reason oil has dropped, it has nothing to do with Harper or Russia. OPEC and more so Saudi overloaded the market on purpose some say with the help of the states in order to keep Russia and Israel in check and ruin their markets. Russia is making moves to solidify their own market by stopping selling and selling off foreign currency. We will see how things go over the next year but it will be interesting. I'm just thrilled I have a 2 year contract and take no pay cut.

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