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VHL Magazine Power Poll - All hail Victor edition


VHL Mag Power Poll  

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Behind every big decision on the VHL is the blue team. And while they might not be the crowd favourites with some decisions, they’re always around and make sure that the site is the best it can be for its members.


Arguably the most prominent person of the blue team for the past while has to be Victor. A few days ago Victor announced he would be stepping down from his position so he would be able to leave the VHL when he wanted to.


Of course, the pressure of always doing work on a site you’re supposed to enjoy coming to eventually is going to take its toll on a person.


So for this Power Poll we are going to rank Victor’s work as a blue team member. The scale will go from one to 10 but it seems clear to me where the vote is going to go this time around.


I for one will miss the draft lottery videos. It always took the hurt out of seeing teams shafted by the lottery anyway.


So, with your vote please make sure to comment with what was your favourite moment from Victator’s control over the league. Best comments will be put into the Mag. Make sure to please the great overlord… or former overlord anyway. :(

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Is 11 an option? Sure we had our differences, but he did a shitload of work and whether you agreed with all of his decisions or not, you cannot doubt his commitment to the VHL nor his desire to try and find ways to improve it for future generations of players. I am sure those who will be announced as his replacement(s) will do a great job but he will be missed greatly in my very humble opinion.

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