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Actual Success for Wingate?


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Turku, Finland (AP) -- Nobody expected much from Turku Outlaws backup goaltender Hans Wingate this season, especially after the team dealt for the more experienced Callum Sinclair in the run up to the playoffs. However, as Turku has gone on an incredible 9-0-1 run over the team's past 10 games, including two wins over league-leading Yukon, the backup Turku goalie has played a surprisingly crucial role in a few of the team's wins.


Despite losing two of his first three games in a Turku uniform, Wingate has gone 5-1-1 in his past seven games in net. Although his .873 save percentage is certainly nothing to write home about, Wingate has done just enough as Sinclair's backup to earn him an extended look from VHLM teams come next year's draft.


"It feels nice to have our team play well, and it certainly gives us some confidence heading into the playoffs," Wingate said following the team's most recent game against an overmatched Bern squad. "People have given Bratislava a free run into the finals already, but I certainly think we can make some noise."


Wingate's work in the practice arena should certainly help. Having recently jumped to 111 total practice hours in only his first two weeks in the VHLM, Wingate is already seen as a better goaltender than many opposing starters. That increase in ability should only help him should Turku decide to give Sinclair any rest down the stretch or in the playoffs.


"I'm ready whenever they call my name," Wingate said. "I don't know if I'll ever get that call, but it's nice for them to have the option in any case."

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