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Encarnacion Becomes All-Time Leader in Hits for a Defenseman


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Coming off the back of perhaps the most self-explanatory title in the history of media articles, with the recent round of simming, Edwin Encarnacion racked up his 2080th VHL hit, breaking the all-time record for a defenseman previously held by James Lefevre (2061, but he also played one season more). This is ultimately going to be an article thanking those who have helped me set this milestone.


Mike - For trading up to draft me to a team that, at the time, had no other assets, allowing me to put up my most productive season to date. 


Kendrick/Romanes - For adding me to the Gregory Glass trade to send me to the Express. Having come from a period of inactivity, being given a better opportunity to rack up stats was exactly the opportunity I needed to reinvigorate my activity.


Diamond Ace - Although it's kinda strange considering the motives behind the trade (your intentions to compete), moving to the Wranglers came at a perfect time for me to keep up my strong pace, and helping me put up a season that got me Labatte votes.


Boubabi - For making an offer for my player despite not really being the usual fit for a rebuilding team.


Smarch - For being pretty much the sole reason I stuck around during the tough VHLM season.


Advantage - My premise behind the build of Encarnacion was so I could beat your face in, and while that never happened, without that desire to fuck you up I would not have reached this milestone.


Doomsday - For being the greatest fan of the Encarnacion persona, keeping me thoroughly entertained.


All My Team-mates – For being great team-mates.


Devise/Jericho – For keeping me entertained with the Longest Running Weekly Episodic VHL Podcast.


Admin/BOG – For keeping the league going for so long. Coming from an environment where sims generally die after 2 seasons, being a part of a 40+ season league is nuts.


Anyone who commented on my media/GFX/PIMing – Again, it keeps me thoroughly entertained and eager to keep it up.


Now we’re done being all positive and shit, if you don’t fill any of these criteria, I will shit on your bed and then double minor you the fuck up. Nahmsayin’?

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