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Karnage openly critics the VHLM


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We are near the end of the VHLM season. Lord Karnage and the Watchmen are leading the European conference with a 18 points priority over the Outlaws. After the morning practice, Karnage talked to the media about his recent performance on the ice. "As you know, I've never missed a practice hour since I'm here but it seems like I'm not rewarded for those hours. I mean, my teammate Danny Schneider haven't shown his ass in a practice yet this year and he still manage to have success on the ice, this is bugging me."


Then, he added : "I know I have the talent to be the best on the ice every night, but it seems that something is missing in my game. I feel like I could be at least twice better."  Lord Karnage started the season on fire. Scoring consistently on the power-play and  still be a valuable defense man in his zone was his source of success. Lately, he failed to racked up the goals and seems to be having some flaws in his defensive game. We asked him what could be the reason of his recent performance. 


"You know, we are playing on 2 continents. It's not easy to be prepared every game. Some time, you need to play at Yukon and the next day, you are playing in Moscow. This is very tough for our body and it's a long season. I hope I will get some rest before the Playoffs"


This year, the league have restricted the amount of Gatorade bottle a team could have in a season. Since the amount is now pretty low, the coaches rather give those energy drinks to new guys, so they can improve their game and don't give up. 


Karnage said : "It's fucking bullshit if you want my opinion. I mean, I need those drink to improve my game, you saw the ads, this is the best drink for hockey. Now, I need to drink stupid water. I think Danny Schneider might be receiving some illegal Gatorade bottles because the way he is performing, this is not because he is drinking water. I hope the league fix this before next season."

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