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Have we ever marketed

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Nothing in /r/hockey 's rules forbids advertising a site, so we're good on that front.


If someone wants to write up a post I can submit it, since I have a fairly old reddit account that wouldn't be perceived as a link spammer.

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The VHL is a hockey community that strives on allowing members to discuss, analyze and celebrate the game like no other. All while centered around your own personal player creation in a simulation. Our league has been going strong for 35 seasons and counting and we hope you can be apart of it!



Note: Not sure of the length of such, someone can edit that and do what they please. I honestly think we need to attract people to the simulation yes, but also as a forum where we talk. You can grab both audiences if you relay the info that its not just a simulation league, but a sports forum.

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Yeah, I think the SHL's advertised in /r/hockey and /r/nhl.  A good amount of members have actually signed up from there, it'd be a pretty good idea for promoting the league.

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