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Officially going to be a Free Agent


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It’s official, the Toronto Legion have missed the playoffs and following the game Devin Sundberg has also made it official that he will be testing the free agent market at season end. The Legion forward has been flirting with the idea since the mid-season mark and now that his team will not be playing in the playoffs he has put teams on notice. Sundberg is looking for a bigger role as he is stuck behind Tyler Cote in Toronto and want to be a first liner. Sundberg has had a very solid 2nd VHL season putting up 90 points with 2 games to go and is only 3 goals away from a 50 goal season. He has put his name on the VHL map and should get a bit of interest in the open market but will only have a few options when he does get there. 
Toronto should be pushing hard to keep him in Toronto but will have to compete with teams that are a little closer to winning than the Legion are. Sundberg will have a wait and see approach to see what teams will do before deciding and won’t just leave Toronto for a worst team. It will be interesting to see what happens to the first Greg Harbinson player to hit free agency will do.  
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