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My Reward for Lere


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So a while ago in the locker room, I said whoever likes my next post first would get a reward! Well, Lere liked the post first so he gets the reward of having an xm radio written all about him. Lere's player, Ken Anderson, could potentially be a first round pick in the upcoming draft as Anderson and Patrick Demko are the clear cut top two defensemen for the next draft (I'm proud to shamelessly brag that both of them are on yukon 2 gud). Anderson has been superb for Yukon this season, as he has surpassed whatever you would expect from a waiver wire pickup. He is the ultimate team player, as he puts a lot of points into defense while he also nets a lot of assists. He's also a fun guy to chat with. Unfortunately, lere will be leaving yukon after this season as he was only claimed on waivers. But who knows, maybe we meet again on the same team in the future. Lere 2 gud


Also Smarch.....



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