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Future of the VHL


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Last week we found out that long time commissioner Victor was stepping down after putting a lot of work into the league to take a smaller role. After a week of discussions with my blue comrade, Jardy, and former commissioners Sterling and Victor we were able to come to a final decision on who we thought could replace Victor on the blue team.


Getting to the point here, I am pleased to announce that flyersfan1493 has been added to the commissioner team as of today. Victor was such an important part to the blue team and did a lot of work, and with Jardy in and out recently, we thought it would be in the leagues best interest to add another commissioner for now. I am pleased to announce that Draper has also been added to the commissioner team. We are confident that these two can fill the gap left by Victor and will continue to help grow the VHL into the future.


-Higgins & Jardy

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Well, this is weird. If you would have told me when I first joined the site back in S26 that I'd eventually become a member of the blue team, I would have laughed at you. Hell, I almost didn't come back after S30, but ADV reached out to me and convinced me to get active again. I came back with the goal of getting more active with the community, and as I did, I quickly realized that the VHL community, for all the faults we may have and bickering between ourselves, is without a doubt the best group of people I've ever interacted with online. We've survived for 41 seasons, and I look forward to working with Higgins, Jardy, Draper, the BOG, and everyone else to make sure we maintain that for  41 seasons more.



Can Flyersfan finally upgrade and ditch all the numbers.


Never. Flyersfan is way too generic.


Never been a huge fan off GM/Commissioners but as long as the simming is fixed ill be alright


It's most likely shortened how long I plan to stay on as GM.

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when I first joined the site back in S26...








Gratz flyersfan. The league is finally Rigged


Oh, and Drapes, yay. Podcast with me naow.





(But srsly, now if you trade me I'll blow up the VHL by bringing back Nick Barr to relocate us to a shit site and ditch us again leaving us for dead)

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