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Questions for a Podcast


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Could you rank teams in terms of free agency if you are truly going that route

Who do you think is the next team not currently in the playoffs that has the chance to push their way in?

Who are the top three team mates you have had in your VHL history?

since you are a good graphic maker could you list your 3 favorite current graphic makers not yourself?

What in your opinion is the biggest problem facing the VHL today?

Rank the top 5 rookies going into next season.

Who do you feel is the biggest sleeper in the upcoming VHL draft?


If you would like a guest I'd be happy to do it.

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Create the ultimate line of current and historical VHL players.

Looks like I'm gonna lose the two way forward award to Kesler, should I kill myself now or later?

Are you excited for the upcoming super cup?

I've been a big advocate for turning the VHLM prospect game into a rookie sophomore game where the current and pervious draft classes would be put into a pool and two GMs would hold a fantasy draft. What is your thought in the idea and do you believe it would be help of hurt activity for the prospects before the Entry draft?

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