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VHL Magazine Power Poll - Dat Flyers dude


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Last week we discussed the farewell of Victor from the Blue team, leaving poor Jardy and Higgins to take up majority of the work that Victor was usually taking care of.


It was also said by Victor that he would eventually find a replacement to take his place, hopefully making sure that the league would be able to strive without one of the hardest working staff members it had seen.


Late last night it was announced that Flyersfan1493 would be taking over as commissioner in the spot that Victor had vacated.


While Flyersfan has been around for quite some time and one of the most active members on the site, he could still be considered one of the newer generation players.


This week’s power poll is like last week’s I suppose, but this time around we will be predicting the future rather than reflecting on the past. Do you believe that flyersfan will do well as a commissioner?


Clearly, if he was chosen by the Blue Team we suspect that he will be just fine, but for the sake of seeing the perspective of the VHL members, this will be the Power Poll for the week.


Congrats Flyers, live long and prosper.

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