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Claimed:Despite Season, Future Remains Bright In Toronto [Final: 6/6]

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Despite Season, Future Remains Bright In Toronto


With the sound of the final buzzer and a disappointing loss to HC Dynamo in the bag, the Toronto Legion once again were sent home after 72, failing to reach the playoffs once again.  With their league-worst playoff drought extended to three seasons.  Despite early-season ambitions and a tremendous chance to overtake the Wranglers after the trade deadline, Toronto never could quite put it all together with a final record of 34-26-12, five points shy of a playoff spot.  Although this season is viewed as a failure both within the organization and throughout the league, it is far from reason to panic as the team's core is as strong as any in the VHL.  Although the Legion have plenty of talent throughout the organization, it is clear that the quartet of Tyler Cote, Sachimo Zoidberg, Devin Sundberg, and Jerrick Poole are essential to the team's future.


As the oldest of the bunch, Devin Sundberg is an interesting case.  Although Tyler Cote has established himself as the clear number one center, depth is always important and contenders always have a strong second line.  Sundberg, a potential free agent this off-season, should be the top priority for Toronto to bring back as he established himself as a player who can anchor a very strong second line in Season 41.  After a solid rookie season in which he lead the Legion with 69 points, he set career highs in goals and assists en route to a 94 point season that should net him a hefty contract wherever he goes, although all indications point to his return to Toronto.





While Sundberg is a quick, offensive-minded center, Tyler Cote provides the Legion with another talented player at the center position.  Cote's strengths, though, lie in the defensive aspects of the game.  While he is far from a slouch in the offensive zone as evidenced by his 85 points, he is proving to be one of the league's top two-way defensemen.  Not only was he the tenth highest scoring center but his 404 hits lead the league by a significant margin.  As one of the Legion's three picks in the top five of the Season 40 Entry Draft, he is living up to all expectations and is gaining a reputation as one of the VHL's most physically dominating players.  If he keeps it up, his career will be fruitful for seasons to come.


Another forward from the Season 40 Entry Draft is winger Sachimo Zoidberg.  After spending his first season after the draft in the VHLM and leading the minors in scoring, he made the jump to the VHL for Season 41.  In as seamless a transition as the league has ever seen, he immediately made an impact for Toronto, not only leading the team with an incredible 111 points and +11 rating but leading all rookies and finishing sixth overall in the league's scoring race.  His offensive prowess complement's Cote's defensive game perfectly and with the chemistry developed between the two this season, they potentially could develop into one of the greatest duos the VHL has ever seen.



Rookie Sachimo Zoidberg put his incredible offensive talent on display in Season 41


If Toronto ever hopes to win a cup, they need defense and they sure found a gem in Jerrick Poole.  Also a member of the Season 40 draft class, he followed up a rookie season in which he was the Legion's lone All-Star representative with a performance that would easily be Labatte-worthy if not for Matt Bentley's utter domination of the league.  Despite this, Poole excelled in all aspects of the game, finishing third among defensemen in points while racking up the second most blocked shots and fourth most hits at his position.  With such a strong follow-up to his rookie performance, it is becoming clear that the Legion have found a true number one defenseman, a type of player which is essential to any team desiring a sustained period of cup contention.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the Legion have the players to become a powerhouse within the next few seasons.  They have an excellent foundation in Sundberg, Cote, Zoidberg, and Poole and with the number of other players they have drafted in recent seasons including Jaime Hill and Fedir Okranitz, they very well could make a push as soon as next season.  But, Season 42 will be essential for this team's future.  With the contracts of Season 40 draftees expiring, the organization has to show a zero tolerance for failure, especially considering the relative lack of many top tier players available in free agency.  But as long as every player on the Legion remains committed to winning the Continental Cup, we could have something very special in our midst.

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Content: 3/3

Another tough year for the Legion, but you're right that things are looking up!


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  • With their league-worst playoff drought extended to three seasons. - not a complete sentence
  • De - not sure how this captions the photo
  • defensive game perfectly and, with the chemistry - missing comma

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