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Annoyed at WWE Royal Rumble, Wrestling Fans Request VHL to enter Wrestling Business


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The WWE became the subject of major backlash from their fanbase yesterday after their annual January Pay-Per-View, the Royal Rumble, ended with Roman Reigns winning the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania, the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year. While Reigns certainly was considered to be someone who the company could eventually build around based on his look and star quality, many feel like Reigns is actively being "forced down their throats" to the point that the superstar who was originally well liked by the fanbase received a chorus of boos for the entirety of the match. While it was unlikely that fans would have been fine with a Reigns victory, it was certainly not helped by the decision to have fan favourite Daniel Bryan eliminated very early on in the proceedings and being made to look ineffective. 


This has led some wrestling fans to reach out to the VHL, who recently put on their own charity Royal Rumble, to enter the wrestling business after putting on a match that many deemed far superior to the WWE counterpart. I mean, after all, who wouldn't want to pay money to see Encarnacion get his face kicked in on a monthly basis right?

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Draper = John Cena


What are these fans smoking

So I guess we can be expecting loldraperwins anytime now then?


Although Draper is a member of our Authority, so maybe he's more of a Randy Orton

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